How to get a Ballerina's Butt

How to Get a Ballerina's Butt - try these three exercises.

The number one exercise to help tone your bottom and give you ballerina buns is one of the fundamentals of ballet called pliƩs. These are just simple little bends of the knees in any ballet position, but when done correctly. they engage all the muscles in your rear as well as your thighs and core muscles. To do this, place your feet in first position, heel together, toes pointed out. Pull up through your body making sure your butt is tucked under, stomach pulled in and legs pulling together. Then slowly bend your knees without lifting your heels and while maintaining your position, then slowly straighten. Repeat this 20 times.

Next it's time to do "Eleves". These are easy toe rises. Start from first position again, heels together, toes pointed outward. Slowly rise to the balls of your feet, then slowly lower. As you do this squeeze your butt under, stomach in and legs together. You want to pull your thighs together as you lower your heels. Repeat 20 times.

Tendus are small, strong "points" essentially. With straight legs you point your foot and slide it back into position while once again squeezing your thighs and holding in your stomach and buns. Start in first position and do 20 tendus on each leg.

In addition to the above, supporting exercises will give better and faster results. Click to know more