Obesity and Puberty in Girls

First Signs of Puberty Seen in Younger Girls at age 7 says a research.

Obesity and Puberty
Girls who are obese tend to have high levels of androgens (called as "male hormones") during their early stages of puberty. This condiction may lead to health problems later, according to a team of researchers from University of Virginia Health System. It was found that free testosterone was very high - three times higher - in obese girls than in normal-weight girls. This was found to be prominent in especially in the group of obese early pubertal girls. These girls had free T that was 5 times as the group of normal-weight early pubertal girls. This study also reiterated the link between diabetes and obesity. The obese girls had higher fasting insulin compared with the normal-weight girls. - Dr. Christopher McCartney and colleagues, writing in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

How to resolve this issue The solution to this is reducing weight and controlling obesity. If you are sufferring from morbid obesity then let us face the truth. Any amount of exercise and weight loss diets are not going to give you the required results. In such cases it is only surgery that can give results. Surgery carries benefits and risks. It should be done after properly diagnosing by your Doctor and under his care.

In all other mild and not severe obesity, it has been found that physical exercises and weight loss diets have given satisfactory results. Physical exercises and weight loss diets should be followed along with a disciplined life style.

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Every teenage girl would love to have a slim and athletic figure. It calls for discipline to achieve this goal. Many girls starve themselves to achieve this, which is not necessary. Eating a healthy balanced diet can give you these results. You can even make this seven day weight loss diet your daily diet to ensure that you continue to maintain that svelte enticing figure.