Achieve Weight Loss thru Training

Weight Loss thru learning - a personal experience. Kevin Given is a personal trainer with the Private Trainers Association ( Kevin spent over twenty years with his own personal 'Battle of the Bulge' trying to lose weight with every fad diet on the market until he finally hired a personal trainer that showed him how to lose the weight and keep it off once and for all. Now Kevin has become a personal trainer to help those in the same Way that he was helped. Does this sound like you? You've tried low carb diets, low fat diets, all vegetable diets, all yogurt diets and any fad diet that came your way, Kevin did too! He even went through army basic training and got down to 175 pounds only to regain the weight when basic training was over. Kevin couldn't understand why he wasn't able to keep the weight off. If this sounds like you then you should buy this book. The techniques described in this book worked for Kevin and they can work for you to. Check out the before and after photo's in this book. Kevin went from his peak weight of 265 pounds down to 190 pounds in less then six months, and he has kept the weight off! You can to. Kevin is a compulsive eater that doesn't know when to quit, yet he lost all that weight and still maintains a healthy lifestyle If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then this is the book for you. Kevin describes why fad diets don't work. You might lose a few pounds on a fad diet but you will gain the weight right back, because you lose the wrong kind of weight and you go about it the wrong way. Included is a nutrition guide, a work out guide and a calorie counter to help you achieve your weight loss goal! It's time to keep that New Years resolution that you made to yourself and get that bathing suit body back just in time for summer.

This book is different from other weight loss books because it is the author's personal story of how he overcame the obstacle of obesity. Weather you need to lose ten pounds or one hundred and ten pounds, the time is now! Buy this book today, after all what have you got to lose? Except more weight?