Obesity and Weight Loss - Fitness Equipments and DVDs

Jillian Michaels DVD 30 days shred
I had never purchased a Jillian Michaels DVD before b/c of the hit or miss reviews. So when I heard raves about this one, I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad I did. This is an absolute butt-kicker workout. I am an intermediate/advanced exerciser (I work out 5-6 days a week) so I figured I could see what Level 1 was all about and move onto Level 2 right away. Listen to me folks--these workouts are HARD. Level 2 was VERY difficult--a good difficult though, very challenging. If abs is your challenge right now then this is the CD for you. If you really want to get a good workout and to jumpstart your weight loss get this DVD you will not be disappointed. It's great for those who are short on time too and want to try something new; every workout is just under 30 mins!

Neoprene Hand weights
Neoprene coating provides a comfortable non-slip grip. Helps improve muscle tone and core strength. Enhances all aerobic exercise and fitness training. Available in 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10 lb. weights. Includes exercise wall chart. Sold in pairs. Regularly exercising strengthen your muscless, sagging muscles get firmed up. Exercising with a balanced diet helps in controlling obesity and reducing fat. With a set of dumbbells and a bench you can do a variety of different exercises for the different parts of your body.

Obesity Exercises Bikes
Exercise bikes commonly referred to, as stationary bike is probably the most popular home exercise equipment. The best part about these stationary exercise bikes is that they help in developing aerobic capacity while at the same time lay limited impact on knees and leg joints. Exercise bike is one of the best bets to reduce obesity as well as maintain good health. Another advantage of having these bikes is that you have the option of exercising at any time of the day and during any weather conditions. You can exercise listening to music or while watching your favorite soap within the cozy comfort of your home. Stationery upright bikes resemble normal road bikes. In these types of bikes you can tone your upper body and arms as well.

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer
This pedometer is Consumer Reports #1 rated digital pedometer-and I can see why. It's extremely light weight and really easy to use with just four big buttons on the front. Here are a few of its best features:

-it can accurately sense steps in your belt, pocket, OR purse!
-it has a large display for the visually impaired
-it has a 7 day history so you can see progress (or lack of)
-it calculates calories and distance in addition to steps

I'd recommend this little device to anyone who wants to lose weight- just begin one day, and the next day, see if you can maintain or beat your previous step record. Now how easy is that?

So what DIDN'T I like about it? Not much. Perhaps the ONLY sort of negative thing I can say is that you will need a tiny screwdriver to open the back of it to put in the battery. Other than that, if you're looking to increase your activity a little to improve your health, look no further.