Obesity Exercises using dumbbells

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Who does not want an athletic figure, a slim and svelte figure. Every one wants it but what stops you from doing? I was sufferring from obesity and cost was an impediment. Go to a gym it cost you in tons, buy equipments, again it costs you. You may believe me or not, but this kept me back always. I came across this interesting book while surfing the net. It had all those things that I was looking for. I could do my workout in the privacy of my own home with nothing more than a set of dumbbells and a bench.

All you really need is a set of dumbbells and a cheap flat bench. This ebook explains how we can do the exercises for each part of our body with only these two equipments, dumbbells and the bench. Before you start the exercises don't forget to check your physical fitness.

You can get a total body workout in the privacy of your own home, by yourself, with just these two simple tools.

Exercises for Back
Exercises for Abs(!!)
Exercises for Biceps
Exercises for Triceps
Exercises for Chest
Exercises for Shoulders
Exercises for Forearms
Exercises for Legs
Even Stretching Exercises!
Bonus Stability Ball Exercises
Access To Online Video Demonstrations
8 Different Routines To Choose From
Progress From The Beginner Routines To The Advanced Routines
Different Routines For Different Goals
89 Pages Containing Over 75 Unique Exercises
Includes Printable Training Logs

Each exercise is broken down to make it easy to understand and follow. Plus, you'll get instant access to the downloadable guide in PDF format so you can run it on any type of computer or MAC!. Click here for the ebook "Dumbbells routines and exercises".

Hand Weights coated with Neoprene provides a comfortable non-slip grip, especially in humid places where you sweat a lot. I found this useful for the Dumbbells routines and exercises. It helped in improving muscle tone and core strength. Enhances all aerobic exercise and fitness training. Initially you can buy a 2 or 3 lb weight. Thereafter you can gradually go for higher weights. It is sold in pairs and includes an exercise wall chart also.

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