Obesity and Weight Loss thru Yoga Asanas

Yoga and Weight Loss

Weight Loss thru Yoga has been found to be successful in many stubborn obesity cases. Weight loss yoga practised along with regular exercises and a balanced diets have led to visible weight loss among individuals who found it difficult to lose weight with only exercise and diet.

Yoga is an ancient Indian art of physical and mental disciplines. It is also associated to meditative practises for physical and mental fitness. There are many branches in Yoga. Yoga is also practised as exercise. The different asanas – postures – are practised as forms of exercises. Yoga helps you to control your mind and other parts of your body. Yoga is the best way to reduce your weight without any side effects. Women have the tendency to accumulate fat in their waist, hips, thighs and behind. Yoga has been found to be more effective for reducing this fat. How do we accumulate fat? In the case of a person with normal weight, the amount of energy consumed is just adequate to meet his or her daily energy requirements without any excess being stored as fat. If you take the case of a person who is obese it is quite the opposite. His/her physical activitiy is nil or not adequate to utilise the energy absorbed. This excess energy the body begins to store as fat and slowly the person tends to become fatter and obese. If you have observed you will find that he or she begins to put on weight when there is a change in thier life styles.

Yoga is for complete physical fitness. Yoga does not focus only on a particular area like the muscles, heart, lungs or for fat reduction. It is a holistic approach for physical fitness. This is the right way to follow for a healthy and physically fit life. Just like any other fitness exercise you should consult your physician or a good yoga trainer to find out that you are fit to do the asanas. Only then you should start to work on yoga asanas.

The yoga asanas for weight loss and reducing obesity are the pawanamuktha asana series. Theses asanas work on the digestive system which help to remove extra fat from the abdomen, hips and thighs, and activate the energy in the lower pranic centers. Suryanamaskara is a complete series of treatment for obesity and includes asana, pranavama mantra and meditation. It is always advisable to practise these asanas under the supervision of a Yoga teacher or join a good yoga center. In yoga classes many people get more motivated as they do these asanas in a group. For successful fat reduction and weight loss using Yoga you have to be very disciplined and regular. Doing the asanas enthusiastically in the beginning and not continuing them or doing them very infrequently, is not going to take you anywhere towards your goal.

I am not giving any information here about Yoga Centers and Yoga Classes. For learning yoga and asanas the centers should be near to your place and convenient for you to attend. You will be in a better position to find out what suits you best. For guidance, you have to find out a yoga teacher who can guide you in the proper way. To get the full benefits of yoga asanas it it required that Guidance becomes very important for doing the Asanas.

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Yoga and meditation are right and necessary for everyone. Nothing is more important than your health, without it nothing else matters. The training can give you a strong, flexible body with a calm and stress free mind from regular Meditations. This will go a very long way to giving you good health and longevity.