How fit are you to exercise.

Check your fitness level before you begin exercising

Before begining any exercise it is important to check your fitness level. Your body, heart and health conditions should be ready to take the exercise you are going to do. A doctor or a trainer is the right person to consult. Everybody can do exercises but the exercise should fit your requirements and the capability of your body, heart and general health conditions. Once you know then it becomes easy to build up a training schedule or plan with a goal you want to achieve. You can decide the type of exercises you can do and the period.

Here is a step by step approach to find out your fitness level before your begin the exercises Before you embark on your newfound vow to "get in shape", you need to evaluate first where you stand. The foundation of all your Fitness Plans is built on an evaluation of where you are at this point.

The first step you can take toward your Fitness Goal is to check with your physician for medical clearance and advice before you start with your program. The doctor may suggest alterations in your workout and even refer you to a health club or gym that could address your needs appropriately. The following are some Fitness Assessment you could avail to know where you are now and how far you could go in achieving your Fitness Goal:

Weight Inspection
Before Getting into any Fitness Program you must first check your weight. The Key to Weight Control and Fitness is keeping your food intake and energy output in balance. Read here for more information on Weight Inspection.

Get Your Target Heart Rate
To know how much effort you need to exert for your Fitness Program, you need to calculate your Target Heart Rate. Learn how to get your neck pulse or wrist pulse in this section. You can also learn how to make an accurate reading of your pulse.

Know Your BMI - Body Mass Index
For a better Indication of Fitness, take into account your weight and height to gauge your total body fat - Know your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is used to determine if a person is overweight.

Although body weight is a significant factor in Fitness, it should not become a fixation. Other factors such as your Body-Mass Index, as fitness experts agree, are Better Indications of Fitness than just your body weight.

The tests below measure four separate areas of fitness ability. Follow the directions for each test as closely as possible, and be sure to allow plenty of time for rest between each test.

Step test to measure aerobic endurance
Push ups to test upper body strength
Squats to measure lower body strength
Sit ups to test core (abdominal and back) strength


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