Teenage Obesity

How and Why Teens become obese:

The major reason for the increasing trend is the

  • affluent western society
  • the growth in the fast food sector
  • lifestyles becoming more and more sedentary.

It is basically eating more, eating more of the wrong kind of food and not being active enough to burn up all the excess energy. You will be shocked to know that a single fast-food meal contains enough energy to meet your entire daily requirements. Along with eating such fast food and having a television in the bedroom of a teenager is a major risk for obesity. Studies have confirmed this. Poor eating habits is a major cause of teenage obesity. Coupled with no physical activity the problem becomes grave and threatening.

While poor eating habits and no physical activity are the primary causes, the following reasons have also been found to lead to teenage obesity.

Teenage Obesity affects:

The health of young people is affected both physically and psychologically. When obese teenagers grow into adults it becomes more serious and difficult to treat them. It has been found that kids can be mean and bully. Children who are teased about their weight possess a poor body image, low self esteem, and symptoms of depression. They therefore are reluctant to go to school or college.

The teen years are all about growing up, being more independent, and socialization. Obese teens find it difficult growing and socializing. They tend to spend more time alone. This leads to activities such as watching TV or just lying down on the bed. Over a period of time this leads to attacks of depression. They become increasingly unhappy, lonely, angry or withdrawn

What is the solution:

The solution is simple. Avoid fast foods, do physical exercises regularly and eat more of the right kind of food like vegetables and fruits. Most teens don’t as they find such food bland and not tasty. Enjoying healthy food doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can prepare tasty, healthy meals in just seconds. There are many recipes available. Learn the secrets to good health and safe weight loss found in the smoothie recipes in this 114 page ebook "Amazing Smoothies"

Parents role is important in avoiding the obesity problem by guiding their children to have healthy dietary habits and do regular exercise. In this the parents should be an example to their children. Several research studies show that well balanced diet and food that rank low in glycemic index are helpful in reducing teenage obesity. Scolding them about being overweight will not give any results but guiding on how to reduce weight will really help. Parents should explain the importance of losing weight and gaining a positive image to their teen children.

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