Obesity, Weight Loss - To get in shape train for a Triathlon.

Training for a triathlon can be an excellent way to get in shape and lose weight.

No matter what your fitness level, training for a triathlon is an excellent way to get in shape and lose a few pounds along the way says Kimberly Wesley, Examiner-Personal Trainer and LifeStyle Coach at St.Louis . Obesity and weight loss can be easily reduced thru triathlon training. What exactly is a triathlon? A triathlon includes swimming, biking, and running. Some triathlons will vary on the distance of each activity so be sure to check with each event to make sure it is not too much for a beginner.

Find an event that you want to train for. Make sure you have sufficient time to train. If you are coming from little or no physical activity, or lack training in one or more of the exercise, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time. If you have experience in most of the exercise and have logged in several miles of each, training may be shortened.

So where do you start? First get a physical fitness done no matter how great of a condition you think you are in. Let your physician know that you are about to start training for a triathlon and let him know your current physical activity. Once the physician gives you the ok, start the following morning. Training in the morning will mean less distractions. Commit to getting up early and exercising for the next few weeks of your training. It should become habit and you will look forward to it everyday.

Keep a workout journal. Every day write down how long you exercised, how many miles and how you felt. It’s important to include your feelings so you can feel a sense of accomplishment later.

Set realistic short-term goals. Don’t set out to run five miles the first day if you have not done it before. Strive for making a series of small steps that lead you to your long term goals. In one area you may progress better than the other, so it’s important that you set a different goal for each activity.

Build a support system. If you can, buddy up with someone who wants to do a triathlon as well. Keep positive people around you that encourage you towards your goals.

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