15 Daily Fat-Fighting Tips

Measuring Waist De-automate your housework and make your body work harder. Wash dishes, mix batters and open cans by hand, and hang your wash on the line instead of using a dryer.

Use whipped or softened butter or margarine. You'll spread the flavor around using a lot less than if it were hard and you had to scrape it on.

Learn that it's okay to say an assertive "No, thank you" when other people offer you food.

Hold a conference and explain your weight-loss wish to family, friends or doughnut-bearing co-workers. Ask them to understand if you turn down their dinners or candy.

Go out dancing, miniature golfing, bowling - anything active - if you normally sit around and play bridge or watch television. The most calories you can burn in an hour playing cards is 95, but waltzing can whisk away 195 to 305 for every hour on the floor, and an hour of square dancing can stomp away 330 to 510 calories.

Drink no-calorie sparkling waters when you're out, instead of alcoholic beverages.

Set a realistic goal for yourself. "Take it one day at a time and don't punish yourself for slipping," says Suzann Johnson, a registered nutritionist with Weight Watchers

International. "You'll be more successful if you remember to be your own best friend."

Exercise during television commercials. Those 3-minute spurts will keep you out of the kitchen.

Use good plate psychology. Don't use place settings with intense colors such as violet, lime green, bright yellow or bright blue; they're thought to stimulate the appetite. The same goes for primitive-looking pewter and wooden plates. Instead, appease your appetite with elegant place settings in darker colors. Choose plates with broad decorative borders and a slightly "bowled" design. You can fit less food in them.


Eat only at scheduled times in scheduled places and leave the table as soon as you're finished eating, instead of lingering over the last bites.

Ask for smaller portions and don't eat everything on your plate (unless you're having steamed vegetables and fish, or an equally good-for-you meal).

Remove food stashed in inappropriate places - get the candy bars out of your desk drawer and remove the nut bowl from the coffee table.

Chew each bite of food at least ten times to really taste it and to make yourself eat more slowly.

Don't skip meals. You'll only overeat later.
Invite your spouse or house mate into the kitchen with you when you're preparing meals and cleaning up to keep you from sampling as you go.