Obesity and Self Esteem

One of the biggest issues that obese people face is loneliness and loss of self esteem. Because of the bullying and criticism you begin to avoid others and find it comfortable to stay alone. This will internalise the negative effects and bring down your self-esteem. In the long run this will make you feel miserable. There is every chance of you gorging food as you are alone and have nothing else to do. Gorging food will lead to gaining weight and becoming more obese. This in turn will lead to more bullying and criticism bringing down your self-esteem further. It is an interdependent cycle. The solution to this is to break the cycle.

How do you do it? There are two steps. One is to improve your self esteem and the other is to follow a strict healthy diet.

It is not a difficult task to improve your Self Esteem. Self Esteem is the feeling of pride in yourself. It is the personal feelings or opinions about oneself. How you feel about yourself – how you feel about who you are, the way you act, and how you look. When a person does not think too highly of himself, she is said to have low self-esteem. A feeling of high self-worth, high self-confidence, and high self-respect. If you have a low self-esteem about yourself, you should analyse to find out what is making you feel a sense insecure. For building your self esteem there are many easy simple ways. More than anything else, it is you who should desire to build your self esteem.

Self esteem is more like quietly knowing that you're worth a lot (priceless, in fact!). It's not about thinking you're perfect — because nobody is — but knowing that you're worthy of being loved and accepted. Avoid the company of those who criticise or bully you. Go forward and be in the company of those who are with you. Who love you and would never try to hurt you. More on how to Build Your Self Esteem.

The next step is to follow a strict healthy diet.
Reducing calories is one requirement for weight loss. Cutting only 100 extra calories a day from one's diet will lead to a weight loss of 10 pounds in a year, while cutting 500 calories a day will lead to a loss of 50 pounds in a year. This is not enough for reducing obesity. You should have a well balanced weight-loss-diet. Most health organizations recommend a specific distribution of calories. Here is a simple and easy Seven Day Weight Loss Plan. This is a tested plan. It is difficult to remain on a diet of only water, fruits, vegetables with an occasional beef or hamburger on two days. But then the fruits of following this diet are sweet. I reduced my weight in one week by 14lbs. Give it a try. It will work for you.