Obesity and Sex Life

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Obese People Who Lose 10 Percent of Weight See Significant Improvement in Sex Life Obese people who lose just 10 percent of their weight not only look and feel better, but generally see their sex life improve significantly, according to Duke University researchers.

The results of the study, reported at the North American Assocaition for the Study of Obesity annual meeting, looked at the benefits to 160 obese women and 26 obese men who were monitored for two years during which they lost an average of 13 percent of their bodyweight.

Nearly all the participants, according to researcher Martin Binks, had problems with all areas of sexual quality of life. The researchers found that these problems started to melt away as the pounds began to be shed - there was a clear correlation.

Over two thirds of the women at the beginning of the trial said they saw themselves as ‘sexually unattractive'. This figure dropped to just one quarter. Fear of being seen naked affected 62 percent of the volunteers at the beginning, and only 34 percent at the end.

Binks said similar encouraging results were also noted among the male participants. However, they added that as there were only 26 male participants, further studies are needed.

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